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Tricks to Making Money Online

Have you ever wondered how people make money with their smartphones? Today is your lucky day because you are about to read an article that’ll expand your mind forever and change the way you use your smartphone and the internet.

Here we go!

Write and Publish an Ebook

Writing a book is one thing, finding a publisher is another and trying to sell it in a book store is something else. But thanks to Amazon Kindle you can publish your own Ebook without begging book stores to list/sell your books. Do research on your area of interest then sell your findings as an e-book at

Online Survey

With companies being born nearly every single day each one of them gets hungry for a piece of the market pie. But nobody would buy their products until they’re proven to work. That’s why they recruit members to answer survey questions and test new products. Isn’t it fun to get paid for testing something you could buy?

Starting your own website

Starting a website may seem to be a playground for the big boys like Netflix, Facebook, Google, and so on but thanks to sites like and creating a website has never been easier for anyone and barely costs you anything.

So how do you make money from a website? You can offer subscription services like Hulu and Netflix or provide E-learning platforms to folks who are hungry for knowledge.

“Get paid to” sites

This is my favorite one because you get paid to complete a challenge. Companies work day and night to engage consumers and sometimes they may not respond. So to hype everyone up they pay a few individuals to perform a certain challenge with hopes of getting the rest of the market to follow the trend.

These are just a few ways but be assured more and more methods of squeezing money from the internet will be invented as we advance in technology.  So there’s actually no excuse for being broke in this generation when you have a smartphone in your hands, the internet has given us so many opportunities and it’s up to us to make a move and make money online straight from your smartphone!



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