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Online Jobs That Pay Via M-Pesa in Kenya

Presently, there are several online jobs that pay via M-pesa. This enables you to earn as much as you can depending on how best you are good at it. Avoid being financially dependent, change this by just having your mind switched to online jobs, and earn good money either full time or part-time.

Begin changing your future now by trying out anything which best suits you straight from your home, need not write your CV, have your phone or laptop, and put big cash into your pockets through these online jobs. Read the following list of online jobs and note your areas of interest through which you can make some big cash via M-pesa. Without further to do, let’s leap:

The Following Are Some Of The Online Jobs In Kenya That Pay Through M-Pesa:

  1. Blogging

I know that you are that fluent in speaking English so go ahead and dive straight in. You can start a personal blog and find your interests then later jump into something else if you so wish. It’s simple to start a personal blog and above all, it’s free. Go ahead and create a free WordPress hosted website or wix etc and have fun! Blogging is one of the most beneficial online jobs that pay good cash into your pockets, you need no interview for this. Create a website run it, and at the same time, you can write articles for other bloggers and get paid in the process.

  1. Online marketing

This is also another interesting online job area to count on, basing it on social media; Facebook, Whatsapp, email, and so on, you can market somebody’s products or yours by advertising them online and get paid. However, these areas always require traffic so if you have a good number of followers you can find gigs from marketing products or services.

In order to be an affiliate marketer, you need to know the most companies that sell their products online just like Kilimall or Jumia. Make adverts on your platform for these companies and get paid for displaying or selling their products through your blog.

  1. Research writing

Carry out research on behalf of somebody on some information and get paid. Sounds easy to be true, right? Yes, there are some companies that actually pay to carry out research on behalf of a person. You can get paid via M-Pesa by doing this. Research writing involves Academic writing, Essay writing and many more like research on other websites. Other sites where you can get such online jobs include, and many more. After getting paid from such websites hosted in other countries, you can withdraw your earnings to M-Pesa from your bank or PayPal.

  1. Writing eBooks

Writing E-books is also another online job to move with which also pays through M-pesa.  People with blogging sites can also get their money by selling E-books on either Facebook or any other social media websites. Articles like recipes, diets to travel guides just to mention but a few are some of the major areas for which E-books are written.

When creating E-books, ensure that they are of good quality so that your clients can benefit from them. Remember there are also other people who write good articles so there can be stiff competition in this area.

  1. Academic Writing

Writing articles that pertain to academics requires a lot of your time researching. Academic articles are better paying that other writing jobs because they are a little technical. You also need to perform good research that forms the basis of your arguments. If you want to get good cash into your pockets, you must be smart at multitasking. Understand most of these areas because some clients don’t want to hire other people when they begin trusting you. When you are always available to deliver all-around articles, more money will be coming your way.

Finally, If you are that person who is seeking online jobs that pay well through M-pesa in Kenya, then there you go. Hopefully, this forms a basis and a stepping stone to your online career. With the comprehensive list of jobs you have just seen, it seems like it’s time to dive in. Good luck, go for those challenges and have fun doing it.

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  1. onesmuskimathi40

    How to get job and start?

    • KaziPesa

      Select jobs that you’re able to do and send bids.

      • Cynthia Makena

        how do you bid on kazi pesa…i tried clicking on projects and it aint working

        • Oketch Norbert

          Hello Cynthia,
          Simply go to projects menu then click on the job title you want to bid and it will redirect you to the page of placing a bid.
          Thanks for being a member of Kazipesa for online jobs.

          • josiah job

            Hello is any one listening cant find support here no real time communications anyone to help me or call check my job board bids

          • KaziPesa

            Sorry for the trouble. If you want to check your bids go to My Bids/ My projects

      • Bazah

        Any job for research

  2. Dickens Odumbe

    This is not giving a better option To start the job, how do you start working here?

    • Oketch Norbert

      Please read through the article and borrow the concept, but if it does not work well for you then check on other topics for clarity.

  3. foustinechelangat

    Signed up to kazipesa and I have bids already, how do I view the details of my account like current balance, my bids etc?


    Great site


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