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  • Ghostwriting

    Posted 02-04-2021 2 Bids Nairobi County $130

    Hello. I have a ghostwriting agency and I plan to recruit individuals to write ebooks on several different subjects for me, most particularly on non-fiction topics.

  • Ghostwriting

    Posted 23-03-2021 4 Bids Nairobi County $100

    I’m searching for a ghostwriter to help me write a 20k ebook about how life improves when you don’t think too much about the outcomes. I’d like it to include real-life…

  • WordPress

    Posted 23-03-2021 1 Bid Nairobi County $80

    Install and configure Yoast wordpress plugin, Yoast News, Yoast Local SEO plugins for us. We need an SEO person who undertands the required settings to help our website improve on…

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