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Signs Your Freelance Business is Ready for Takeoff

Signs Your Freelance Business is Ready for Takeoff

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Do you wish to start a freelancing career but don’t know whether or not it will work? Even the most successful freelancers have had this kind of question when they were starting out only that they tucked all that fear and decided to give it a try. That’s why they have money and freedom at the same time. As a beginner, you will keep wondering whether or not you are actually ready to begin your freelance business.

But don’t worry this article is for you. Ready? Here we go:

Some savings

Why should you have some savings? Before you establish yourself online, clients will be skeptical about your experience here and there but this should not discourage you. Freelance doesn’t require that you have to submit a resume and state where you were born, where you went to school or anything of the sort. This is the reason why it can become a little of a challenge for beginners. Having some savings will guard you during the dry period when you begin online. This will help you settle and focus. This is not mandatory but it can help you settle in quite quickly.  Don’t let that get you cold feet because it’s a part of freelancing just like any other business and that’s why you should have a few savings for those early days.

Having a few potential clients

Yes, these kinds of clients are very important and that’s why I advise you not to hide that talent under the carpet. Let people know what you do and how the talent can be of help to them. Do not be like “I hate greeting people… why don’t they initiate a chat with me?… Why should I be the one to make the first move?” These kinds of anti-social egoism are what will make you starve in the freelance world. Advertise yourself.

When you hate your current job

Do you feel like that job is an everyday uphill task you have to carry our, a mountain you have to so hard try to climb every day? Probably freelancing can be what you need. It’s not an ABC easy option but it’s worth it. Or does it make you like the idea of this planet coming to an end because you don’t feel like anything in your life is being accomplished? Well, that would be the perfect time to taste the other side of the island called freelancing.

If the idea excites you more than it scares you.

If freelancing makes you feel like a kid who wants to ride a bike for the first time and doesn’t care about falling r hurting themselves, well then don’t stop until you know how to ride that bike.  Freelancing is all about leaving your 9-5 job for the unknown (sometimes) and that may be scary sometimes but if you plan, focus and do everything within your reach, you can be sure you’ll be on the other side before you even know it.

When you have years of experience.

One of the most common questions your clients will ask in the freelancing business is experience. So if you have done freelancing in your area of interest before then you may have higher odds and if you don’t have any experience try looking for some or creating a portfolio and samples to make it easier for clients to identify that talent in you.

A supportive background

We need these people time and again – family and friends. Sometimes it’s not easy venturing into a new area such as freelancing without the backing of some people. If they are not supportive you can have challenges settling in. There are those friends who will encourage you to take that leap of faith and follow your passion and there are those know-it-all people who will only care about your new adventure only when it promises instant results. Listen to those who wish you well because motivation is an ingredient in the freelancing industry.


Never get scared of making that first step – that’s how you start the journey of 1000 miles but as you make those steps, take what you have read here as your travel companion to succeeding online. Don’t make mistakes most freelancers make of making a leap before looking take advice from freelancers who have been in the game – the place you want to be and you will finally get there.

Good luck.!


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