Virtual assistant/content writer for female fashion website (Wix)

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Posted on 01-02-2021

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Project Desciption

I have a Wix website that focus on female fashion stuff from idea to products and anything in between. I need a professional and experienced writer with to help with articles for this niche. You need some experience in writing articles for fashion blogs. You need to know the latest trends and ideas of the fashion industry in 2021. We’ll work together if you’re a good writer.

With time, I will teach you how to upload articles to Wix so that you can do that as well. I am getting busier by the day. So the faster you learn the better for you. If you have experience using Wix that should be even better for us. But that’s not mandatory at the moment. First I just need a professional writer then we can work henceforth on other stuff. Roughly $5 per article (450 words).

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Skills Required

Virtual Assistant

Employer Information

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Medical student


3 year(s) experience

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in 3 days

I’m a fast learner and I’m interested in creative self-expression!
I have previously worked with a clothing brand as a content writer so I have experience in the field in that regard!
In my free time I occasionally run a blog ( for a gist of my writing style).
I’m enthusiastic and look forward to working with you!

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Hiral Chauhan

graduate Bachelor of Administration

3 year(s) experience

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in 2 days

I can assist very well as am well aquainted with fashion and research

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