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Posted on 12-02-2021

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Project Desciption

I’m searching for a high-quality writer who can write a book for me. The topic is Self Help.
You need to have some expertise in the areas of wellness, economics, spirituality/mindfulness,  or be able to efficiently research and produce evidence-based material, 
The content must be 100% unique and of high quality. Minimum of 20000 words.

As the writer you must be a fluent English speaker and have correct grammar and pronunciation, the book must be educational and bring great value to the reader.

In addition to some related information that I need to add to the project, I will include the outline as well as the table of contents for the book.

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Hello, I am quite good at writing. I value time and I have never failed my clients.For more information over the work;
+254740803108 is my contact

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Joe Kimani

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I am hereby willing to take the task of writing the book as well as making it as educational and interesting as possible.
Personally I have grown up in love with writing. I have written my own stories and shared them in WhatsApp groups in form of episodes.
Looking forward to hearing back from you. Thanks.

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Sammy Kiragu



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Hello there. I am thrilled to bid on this project. It is quite broad to be honest but rest assured that am up to the task. Personally I love doing research and this will provide me with the ultimate opportunity to research on numerous sub topics under self help and hopefully help all our potential readers. I always endeavor to finish my project within the timeline that fits you best. Thank you.

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