book of 5 YA Fantasy & Humor

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Posted on 23-04-2021

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Project Desciption

Looking for a writer to write the first book a 5-part ebook series on fantasy, magic, adventure, suspense, and humor for teens and young adults. If the engagement is satisfactory, the writer will be hired under a subsequent engagement for the remaining 4 books in the series. As a trial phase, select writers will be invited to a different job post, which will be compensated.

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Skills Required

eBook Writing


eBook Writing

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Nelius Njagi

Freelance Writer


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Here is an excerpt I just wrote to help you put your trust in me:
‘Josie did not want to be here. She hated parties because of all the social pressure she had to deal with. Curled up with a series on her phone seemed like a better idea than underage drinking with people who couldn’t tell how dangerous it was to be out this late at night. Still, the thrill of teenage rebellion would not allow her to sit in the house alone. Besides, how often does one get to watch a blood moon? The clearing in the forest gave the teenagers a clear view of the rare moon that rose in a dazzling bright red, unlike anything anyone has seen. Josie stared at it, mesmerized like everyone else. Then her expression faded, a bad feeling brewing in her gut. She had read enough about the moon to tell that it was unusually red. And as the streaks of red started spreading in small capillaries in thunder-like sounds, Josie was sure that something was very wrong.’

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Martin M

Creative writer


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in 14 days

I am an experienced fiction writer who is skilled in crafting Young adult Fantasy stories. I understand the trope, character arcs and the settings particular to the genre. I do have a couple of projects successfully completed very similar to this one.

I would love to hear more about this project.

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