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Web & Mobile application development

DG (Diesel Generator)
As usually all know about the DG, the Diesel generator is used for power supply when electricity not there. So we can say that a DG is very useful things for all organizations and companies.
We give some new information about Smart DG. In present scenario we have no time for doing some other tasks like when Power supply off and start and manage the generator with working so we are solution for this problem because of we create the Smart DG and also integrate your old DG with Smart DG and gives you continuous power supply.
Causes :- Many issues faces by any organizations and company with Genset like Fuel Theft, Fuel pilferage, line of work also suffer in unwanted down time and revenue loses due to sudden DG breakdown and dependent on manual maintenance at the site due to wrong information.
Maruti Informatics introduce the “DG monitoring and Management system” which is use for provide timely alert for issues about DG and monitoring these issues with the use of Web and Mobile application.
This system remotely manage critical parameters such as Battery Voltage, Run Hours (On-Off Status), Coolant level and Temperature, DG location, Lube Oil Pressure, Engine Frequency and RPM, Energy generated for seamless operation. Also can check real time fuel monitoring and cut down operational expenses by reducing manual dependency.
This system gave fully scalable solution to monitor or diagnose all DG in fingertips. So trust on us and get manage easily.
Note: – Internal Use only so here images of DG Genset management panel

Light Controlling & Monitoring System

Smart Light Controlling and Management System:-
By using the system we can manage all basic needs from initial level to advanced level like manage a light with its brightness level, motion sensors, timer of light etc.
Constructions of the system:-
In our system there are many devices are working like Wi-Fi connectivity device to reducing cost, there are also a GSM SIM port to access data of lights and manage lights remotely. IOT based device for giving information about light and it’s ON or OFF condition.
There are many sensor works so many features added in this system in which something are
1. Manage & reduce power consumption,
2. Easy to use,
3. Save the time,
4. Find unwanted shutoff & faults in group of lights,
5. Get schedule to change the light and increase efficiency of light,
6. Manage all light Smoothly, Smartly and remotely by using smart phones.
Uses of the system:-
Our product used in street light where we can on or off the light remotely and find faults & manages error smartly. Mostly used this system in street light, Traffic Light, Smart Building, farming by using lights etc.
Note:- For internal use only so there are images of this panel

Home Food
Home Food is a web and mobile app for online food Management and delivering app.
Basically Home Food established and Work in Malaysia, Which provide management of Dine In, Delivery and Take Away facility of Food. Here customer selected delicious food with add on facility and delivery boy deliver food at customers doorstep.
Technical Details:-
1. Link of the website –
2. Link of User :-
3. Link of App :-

Jurani web application and it app idea basically generated by its owner Mr. Sunny Jurani who is manage his business of Tailoring & Fabrics in Germany and India, where customer set his all needs at a one place. it is multinational project made by us.

On the behalf of Jurani application according to our work all the management of Tailors, Customers, Fabric, sewing etc. are done in this application.

Special work and features (Which is made by us) of this application is a 3D tools which provide a awesome look of the preplanned suit, blazers, pants, vest, shirts etc. to the customer, where customer check his own look according to their choices.

Links: Website Link

Anjani Multibiz a grocery App.
Anjani Multibiz is a online grocery e-commerce application which provide online grocery at your doorstep.
This application and its admin panel manage and created by us according to client and user needs.
As usually this App also provide discount and deals on products. Just like other websites or applications.
Technical Details:-
1. Link of the website –

(SOS) Soldiers of Society
Maruti Informatics works on an innovating application for helping those people who need help from anywhere, at anytime and for any people.
Here in this app many parts are there —
1. Issue Creation and Helper: – by this part user can create issues like Accident, First Aid, Covid-19, Car Breakdown, Old Age Help etc. on the given issue nearby helper help on this issues.
2. Event:- If any event organize by an organizer and want to create an Event then according to set distance many users enrolled in the event which is set by organizer. There are many events like Birthday Party, Holy Party, Plantation program, City Update etc.
3. SOS creation: – When any Emergency occurred than user can create SOS for emergency help with the use of Guardian.
4. Ask around You: – If any question you have, then you can put on the ask around tab…. By using this part we can get any answer and also you can give answers of others queries.
So the above describe app is a helping hand to others which provides help to others.
Technical Details:-
1. Link of the website –

Smart Gate
Smart Gate is a IOT based device which is manage lights and any device which is manage functionality of ON or OFF by just using application from anytime and anywhere. this device use for intelligence way to communicate with many kinds of devices like Machine, AC, washing Machine, Fridge and other multipurpose use of devices.
Technical Details:-
1. Link of the website –
Glovers Labs is an agritech startup which is using cutting edge technologies to make farming a seamless experience.
We have developed their IoT based mobile application which provides real-time data from the circuit.
In this application, we can create a virtual room in our device as per the actual dimension of the room and can visualize the happening operations. With the help of this app, we can manage and control (timer, scheduling, on-off) the lights in the room. These lights have embedded sensors in it so we can see the real time temperature, humidity, and other important parameters in the app. Also, can see the parameters graphically based on the selected time frame.
Feedback by Gaurav kanthaliya, founder Gloverse labs: We have discussed our project with the team of Maruti informatics and found them very confident in our first meeting. Based on our subsequent discussions, we hired them and are very happy with their working style and quality of work. They delivered more than the initial promised. We would highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for mobile application development. A big thanks to the team.
Technical Details:-
1. Link of the website –
Holimate is a holiday planning Application and its working in Malaysia.
If we talk about this application in one word than we can say that this app is for “Chill with friends and other”.
According to above discussion by using this app,”if any person alone and want to go for break and want to enjoy holiday than the person make friends by this app and plan holiday with him “.
A good feature of this app is sharing accommodation with any other and also shares journey expenses, makes plans for the holiday with peoples.
Technical Details:-
1. Link of the APP:-

Fintige DSR
Fintige DSR is a app for checking financial eligibility of any customer which can use by any bank and personal financier this app also used for calculating of loan eligibility and find interest rate of different types of loan like Car loan, Home Loan, Personal loan etc.
Our Aim for making this app is provide easy management and eligibility criteria of loaner and give help for Finance department.
Technical Details:-
1. Link of APP:-

Listing mine the app which can derived by its name. There are we can create and show the listing of selling and purchasing and make listing of demand and supply. By the listing of demand and supply there are any product shows by listing of the product. if any user capable to supply against demand then this listing fulfill by the supplier, same case use for supplier and demander also.
Technical Details:-
1. Link of the APP :-
Teacher App
Teacher app is a very prestigious App for teachers. In this app when any parents wants to join tuition classes and also home tuitions for his child than there are listing of teachers with their fees, than parents can select accordingly and hire the teacher for his child.
If any teacher wants to show their profile in listing of teachers than they can create self profile on this app to show availability.
Technical Details:-
1. Link of APP :-

Fitness App
Fitness app made for those people who has fitness freak because this app provide fitness exercise videos like Cardio, Abs, Biceps etc. Also user can create schedule their own time to exercise and get management of their body. User can create custom workout with selecting videos with their own exercise and also get reminder for workout.
Technical Details:-
1. Link of the APP:-

multinet is Internet service provider which provides a networking solutions and internet services e.g. Broadband, WIFI and Service management.
For the multinet our company create a IVR based complaint booking system where user can call IVR then create a service request after service request getting then it is generated in web portal and admin can assign to field users on web portal where field user can solve the complaints and also close the complaint assigned to him using mobile as it is end to end completed field tracking solution.
Note: – For Internal Use so there are no any links.

Credit App
A middle class family knows the value of money so they fulfill their requirement by credit and finance, so this app provide credit limit and give loan for needy peoples. By using this app peoples apply for credit limits and loans according to their requirements and repay the amount in installments. This all financial needs fulfill by this app.
Technical Details:-
1. Link of the website –

SS College of Engg.
SS college of engineering is another branch of SS college of institution, this educational institution provide technical education in different branches like Computer Science, Information Technology, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics etc.
Basically, our company provides basic information about college, its branches and also its affiliation for the website of this college. All part of this website like Admin, UI, Database design and maintain by us.
Technical Details:-
1. Website Link :-

SS polytechnic College
SS polytechnic college is other branch of the SS College Institution where all diplomas provide through the college.
According to our work all panels like Admin, UI, and database created by us and in the UI part all information about the college provides in their website.
Technical Details:-
1. Website Link :-

Credit Co-Operative Society
Credit Co-Operative society software which is made by us where all banking related solutions of society are there, where Management of Employees, Customer, Accounting & Banking transactions (e.g. RD, FD, DDS, Bonds etc), Audit reports, MIS & All types of general reports, Inventory and some more scheme with end to end banking solutions which is manage by society also integrated accordingly. It is a very big kind of software purely managed and created by us.
Technical Details:-
1. Link of the web app:-
2. UserID – Wadmin , Password:- test

NFC & RFID Card, Mifare Tag
RFID is the process by which items are uniquely identified using radio waves and NFC is a specialized subset within the family of RFID technology just like prepaid card where card recharged without any intervention and swiped just attach with machine and recharge it.
Both above described reader facility can integrated with application by us, when any client want to integrate this facility in his application than it can be implemented by us.
Note: – For internal use only so there are no any links.

Water ATM Akshay Jal
Akshay Jal Water ATM now using basically in Udaipur and now all over India, where consumer getting pure water using Card facility in nominal charges same like Bank ATM for 24 hours, where as consumer recharge the card and get pure water by the Akshay Jal Water ATM Machine just swipe and scan the card and according to their need. **So this all above management (NFC & RFID) created and managed by Our Company. **
Note: – For internal use only so there are no any links.

Kuber Speaks
Kuber speaks means Ask for kuber, according to this application user can ask for stock and share market trading where user ask their queries about any share and also get answer on which share is profitable in the future so basically this app is a share market trading web application which is provide online trading.
In this app there are a portfolio part where you can see portfolio of the companies and also create own portfolio.
In the IPO part can see information about upcoming companies.
Also get news about share market that what type of activity is going on the market.
Technical Details:-
1. Link of website:-

Fitzoye is a web application which is selling fitness and wellness product. this company is Indian based and working on organic and naturals products that is no any harm for body.
So we can say that the Fitzoye is an E-commerce type application which provides online wellness products.
All types of working behind this application manage and maintained by us.
Technical Details:-
1. Link of website:-

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