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My name is Gaylord Njui and I am a writer and editor. While I am certain that challenges abound in writing, I can assure you of several things:
I work extremely fast.
I have a great writing sense for the individual and corporate world.
I am an avid writer and editor with a great command of the English language. This means I can ensure quality communication in regards to the project.
After reading over your application, this looks like a perfect fit for my skills. I have written and edited many articles, eBooks for a large number of clients specifically on the online platform.
Below, find a portfolio of my recent writing projects.]
Kenya: Agatha Verdadero – a Pacesetter in Digital Publishing in Kenya (The Star (Nairobi 6 June 2013 –

Click to access SDN_20140706_L14ADGHQTY159.pdf…/-/index.html…When-man-threatens-the-angels-of-the-…/-/index.html…/131222_Sunday%20Daily%20Nation%20Lifestyle%.

The Indomitable Curse

Thank you and I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.
Gaylord Gitau
Writing & Editing Expert

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