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KaziPesa Ad-free Experience


Don’t like to see Ads? We have an alternative for you! Yes, you can use the website without seeing a single Ad. Want the distraction free-experience? We have considered this option and it’s now available. We heard you and we have now implemented it!

If you want the Ad-free experience, feel free to send an email with the subject – Ad-free to

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  1. Alice Mukhwana

    Not a pleasant experience

    • KaziPesa

      The reason why we display Ads is that that’s what keeps the website here tomorrow. We have an alternative (requires payment) but removes all ads. Look, we chose not to charge on the project you work on. We might reconsider this – to remove the Ads but charge a commission on the projects in the future depending on the input of our users. Ultimately, you are and always will be the priority.


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