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  • Jenny Decena

    Posted 15-02-2021 0 Bids Philippines $0

    I am currently working from home and looking for things to focus on or be busy with on my free time.

  • Novel

    Posted 13-12-2020 1 Bid Philippines $150

    I want someone to type and edit my novel. It’s about 200 A4 size pages but I need someone who can correct mistakes and make sure everything reads well. Basically…

  • Re-writing worksheets

    Posted 11-12-2020 0 Bids Philippines $38

    I am looking for somone to redo my worksheets. It should be done with a spesific font and creativity will be a huge factor.

  • Social media online marketing

    Posted 09-12-2020 0 Bids Philippines $58

    Hello, Need an expert for our facebook, instagram, linkedin. We need someone to create content an post 3 times a week and able to create event like competition for our…

  • Write high quality articles

    Posted 06-12-2020 0 Bids Philippines $25

    I need you to write some articles those have high quality per article. This article can be nature : International Politics , National politics , Lifestyle & health etc.

  • Professional writing

    Posted 04-12-2020 0 Bids Philippines $35

    Hello, we are looking for an experienced professional writer to assist in writing for a participation in a congress competition.

  • Required Php Developer

    Posted 29-11-2020 0 Bids Philippines $100

    Help me create php script to help me develop my website

  • Jellie Jane Madriaga

    Posted 07-04-2020 0 Bids Philippines $0

    I am a single mother who teach for a living. Have a passion for arts and craft and recently searching for jobs to enhance the skill in writing.

  • Renee Infante

    Posted 27-07-2019 0 Bids Philippines $0

    Hello, I am very willing to assist you with your job opening. If I will be given a chance to be working with you I can work  full time with…

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