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  • Alicia McAlpine

    Posted 10-06-2021 0 Bids Australia $0.00

    I am a professional researcher and student. My line of interest is in the medical field but I often find myself choked with assignments in different fields,

  • Samiya Mohamud

    Posted 25-06-2020 0 Bids Australia $0.00

    I seek to make people culture sensitive thus my job as a translator. I also dabble in typing as a hobby. Data entry is also my forte. My priority is…

  • N I

    Posted 16-06-2020 0 Bids Australia $0.00

    Ours a new startup.

  • Himanshu Bansal

    Posted 27-05-2020 0 Bids Australia $0.00

    Marketing professional with a 6+ of experience in multiple B2B and B2C industries with a proven track record in delivering consistent profit growth for business website through high quality traffic…

  • mercy nyamoita

    Posted 22-04-2020 0 Bids Australia $0.00

    I am a competent individual who is works as a freelancer.I have skills in freelancing which include fast typing, excellent research skills, data entry, editing, proofreading, formatting, and transcription. I…

  • Kezia Emily

    Posted 29-03-2020 0 Bids Australia $0.00

    I am able to write in English and swahili very well .I have written for various people and they were greatly satisfied with the work . I take positive criticism…

  • Mirriam Njeri

    Posted 07-09-2019 0 Bids Australia $0.00

    Professional writter with vast experience writting academic papers in all fields using styles such as APA, MLA, HAVARD and CHICAGO. I also have experience writting and editing professional resumes using…


    Posted 10-06-2019 0 Bids Australia $0.00

  • b

    Posted 20-11-2018 0 Bids Australia $0.00


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