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This website/company has been helping hundreds of thousands of unknown musicians and artists to sell their music online on a variety of platforms.

It has become so popular and effective that many big names in the industry such as The Cure and The Nine Inch Nails are now encouraging their fans who have musical talent to give it a shot.


A digital music distributor, TuneCore helps you get your song(s) listed on biggest online music platforms from iTunes and Amazon to eMusic and HeartRadio.

How Much Does It Cost?

TuneCore charges you a flat fee of $9.99 per song or $49.99 per album, but all the revenue generated from royalties is yours.

I think it’s a sweet deal.

You pay a one time fee, then that same song can sell hundreds of thousands of time, making money that you get to keep all of it.

And yes, you will keep the rights to your song.

That’s useful for if and when in the future you choose to license it, or not sell it anymore.


Design Your Album Cover for Free

Recording your song and uploading it to TuneCore is not the end. If you want to stand out, you’ll need to create an eye-catching album cover.

Thankfully, there is a website called that will allow you to create an album cover easily.

And best of all, it’s 100% free.

What Else?

If you are looking for another site to sell your music on, give WeeklyIndie a try.

This site is a little different in that it’s like a competition where you get a chance to win the right for them to distribute your music.


They have this weekly competition wherein hundreds of dependent musicians submit their songs. Out of that, 10 songs are picked to be sent out to WeeklyIndie’s paid subscribers.

If you are one of those 10 lucky artists, they will pay you cash.

Obviously, you can’t rely on this site to bring you a steady income, but it’s a great way to get some exposure and earn a nice chunk of change if you are chosen.

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