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2021-01-Current      ARTICLE WRITING

                                    KENYAN WRITERS ,NAIROBI,UTAWALA

Have been writing articles in Kenyan Writers platform for a period of not less than six months. Have been showing outstanding results during training and performing of tasks assigned to me. Here are some of the samples attached.

 Sample 1

                      Amazing Luthuli Avenue New Look

Meta description

Pleasant features contained in Luthuli Avenue new look


Luthuli Avenue is a well-known upcoming street that runs from river road to city hall via Ambassador. The established businesses of Luthuli Avenue have impacted many people. Renovation done by different stakeholders has improved the outlook of Luthuli Avenue new look. Stakeholders such as the county government of Nairobi have played a role toward the pleasant Luthuli Avenue new look.


Wholesale business and one-stop retail for electronic goods and repair services take place in Luthuli Avenue. Business Adverts are displayed by most of the carried around the street. One can buy the best brands of electronic goods such as; smart TVs, phones, tablets, and laptops at Luthuli Avenue. Due to its nature of growth in business enterprise, most individuals living in this street are potential customers and sellers of which most of them compete for the customers.


The existence of tarmac roads has led to the rampant growth of Luthuli Avenue. Tarmacked roads that run through the street have well–painted poles that divide the path enabling smooth motoring along the street. Installed CCTVs, road signs, and street lights are in the street. Application of these has reduced theft, accidents, traffic jams and insecurity. Commonly used modes of transport are; use of motorcycles, and taxis.


Small scale businesses such as hawkers and peddlers have also increased in the street. Pedestrians purchase goods from them at relative prices. However, this business sector is highly affected by the police through arresting these hawkers and peddlers.


Bank services and other money lending institutions have greatly ventured along Luthuli Avenue. Many commercial banks exist. Multiple money transfers within Luthuli Avenue are made efficiently by agents like M-Pesa and Equity bank agents.


Restaurants, bars, and lodges are other businesses that harbor along Luthuli Avenue. They are well designed and located along the pathways. They offer quality services to the people within and outside Luthuli Avenue. Accommodation, food, and beverages are some of the services facilitated by these businesses.


Strategic places for washing hands have been set up at different intervals within Luthuli Avenue to adhere to COVID 19 containment measures. Art and drawings of persons wearing masks are fully displayed on the walls of the buildings along Luthuli Avenue to campaign for the rules set up by the government to reduce the spread of COVID 19.


Well, decorated story buildings have brought a new look along Luthuli Avenue. Petrol stations with ample parking are available. Public toilets managed by the county government of Nairobi give a healthier look to Luthuli Avenue.


In conclusion, the cooperation of various stakeholders has enabled Luthuli Avenue new look. New changes have a positive impact on business people and customers within the region.


sample 2

Thiswork for TWC-01 Car Vacuum-Corded Review

Coleman 4 –person cabin tent review

Meta description

A full review of Coleman 4-person cabin tent

Coleman 4-person cabin tent is that type of tent that has a room in the middle. Its door is not centered .It is towards the right. The opening has two joints that may find difficulties in the dark and early crack of dawn. It has two windows forthright, two large windows on the sides and no window behind. It has one little vent in the top freshening. It is easy to set up.


Ø  It is Comfortable to establish

Ø  It is weatherproof

Ø  Has ventilators to promote the flow of air

Ø  It has pockets that manage person belongings

Ø  Controls water out of the tent when it rains


Ø  Its doorway is a little tiresome


Ø  Have joined poles for easy establishments

Ø  It has ample interior which can accommodate a medium bed

Ø  It has abounded floor

Ø  Its combined rainfly

Ø  It is 4 feet and 11 inches high at the center

Ø  Its size is 8 feet by 7 feet

Ø  It is made using long-lasting 150D polyester fabric


Due to its nature of having pegs and durable steel poles enables it to withstand winds of up to 100kph. Its interior pockets keep all the persons’ belongings organized. It has a combined rainfly to enhance airflow within the tent. Being inverted keeps rainwater in a basin. Furthermore, it has welded ground that prevents the entry of water into the tent. The availability of windows on both sides allows a comprehensive view of the environment.


Coleman cabin tent is easy to set. No trained skills in the establishment of this tent. It comes in hand with joined poles. Due to its simplicity, it does not require multiple tools to establish. It saves on time since it is easy to set up in a few moments.

After vacation, one can easily collapse it and fold it considerably into the small conveyable bag that one can store with comfort until another camping picnic.


It can allow accommodation of up to four people hence it is perfect for family camping. It is spacious, 180 cm high allowing most adults to stand up inside the tent.


The Coleman cabin tent is made using high affirmative polyester of 150D material with weather technology ensuring that it is weatherproof. Furthermore, this material keeps the tent cool and dry by blocking a high percentage of sunlight.


Its comfort is brought about by allowing someone to stand up inside. The availability of two entrances on both sides of the tent allows easy accessibility to the inside of the tent. The highlighted features of the Coleman cabin tent below; being durable, reliable, easy to set up, and flexibility make it good for family camping during vacations.


Sample 3

Cheap Web Hosting Services

The PHP programming services


PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is an artwork language designed for effective web pages. Besides PHP being in server-side scripting, it is in a disunited graphical application or a command-line interface. It is a well-known Apache module that uses Apache as a web server. Other programming languages include; Java, C++, and Visual Basic. PHP is a writing language that is suited for web development. It can be used for command-line scripting and client-side GUI applications if embedded into HTML. PHP is for constituting both dynamic and interactive websites.

Importance of hiring PHP programming services

Ø  Skilled programmers-have a group of PHP programmers with wide skills in PHP and MySQL.

Ø  Acceptable- ranking sites delivered by PHP run well on search engines. The Programs are adept with SEO that ensures visibility of the site and commendable ranking.

Ø  Customer support-remarkable support is given to Clients hence building confidence in websites and applications.

Ø  Quick delivery. Deliverance of projects is fast without tampering with the time is wasted.

Ø  Active and mobile-friendly- web applications and websites created by PHP programming services are responsive and mobile-friendly.

Ø  Affordable price-PHP development services are at affordable price

Ø  Comprehensive knowledge of 3rd –party tools

PHP developers use PHP development tools that are efficient and modern. These tools include; PHPunit, scrutinizerCL, sublime text, PHPstrom, PHPprofiler, PHPMetrics, Imagemagick, GitHub, and PHPcodesniffer.


PHP programming services

Ø  Re-architecture of MySQL data

Ø  Maintenance of existing web database and application

Ø  Re-engineer and enhancement of existing web application

Ø  Customization of web application development

Ø  Validation of RSS feeds of the information on the website

Ø  Writing of codes for PayPal and credit card gateways

Ø  Maintenance of company’s blogs and the number of visitors and backlinks into someone blog

Ø  Custom PHP application development consulting

Ø  Provision of security and maintenance of application for existing PHP –based apps

Ø  PHP framework migration

Ø  Provision of a backend for mobile apps and JSON/XML API connectors

Ø  Modification of existing web application

Ø  Configuration and installation of OScommerce plug-ins and contributions

Ø  An open-source implementation that includes application of Drupal, Magento, and Word press

Advantages of using PHP

Ø  It can support numerous web servers

Ø  It is reliable, fast, and stable.

Ø  Can be used for writing desktop applications

Ø  Allows creation of codes for static and dynamic web pages

Ø  Its language get updated regularly

Ø  Can be used as an object-oriented programming tool or as a procedural programming tools

Ø  Can be used for server-side scripting as well as command-line scripting

Ø  Other Operating systems such as UNIX, Microsoft Windows, and Linux can be used with PHP

Ø  PHP programming is easy to use and implement

Ø  The syntax of PHP is very similar to Java, pearl, and C++


PHP programming services are efficient to use for one to create an advanced, dynamic, and innovative website or web application.




2019-09-       Associate of science: EDUCATION SCIENCE




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Have been in this field of playing football for a period of time. Am a fun of football and a supporter of Chelsea football club? In the field of socialization, have been in leadership overall. Therefore I have gained skills of communication in this field.










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