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Impact of Video Games on Children

            Play is defined as a field of experimental in a child’s phase of life (Farne 2005). Harns and Verenikina(2003) explain that game is a significant activity in today’s most curricula.

Video games are said to be a form of training ground for children because when a child plays some of these games, he/she gets to train the brain on how they will get the solution to various problems. Most of the games tend to sharpen the child’s thinking. Games tend to improve a child’s psychological capacity and make them ne sharp even in class. Video games have both positive and negative effects.

Positive Effects

Resource Management, Planning, and Logistics.

 The player learns to use resources well and manage them within the time that he/she has been given. They plan the best well to utilize the resources that are available through creative thinking entirely. These skills are acquired by some strategic games such as Railroad Tycoon, SimCity, and Age of Empires. SimCity is a game that has influenced many players to

 do Urban planning and architecture as their courses.


Helps in Problem Solving and Logics

            Games such as Angry birds, Incredible Machine, or Cut the Rope help a child develop diverse ways to solve the problems at hand. Video games allow the brain always to have an alternative when it comes to issues and logistics.

Multitasking and Managing Variable Objectives

Multitasking means that the brain can do several tasks at the same time without making mistakes. Video games assist or train the brain to do several activities without getting confused or making slight errors along the way. Through this game, one can gain a very sharp memory both in class and in doing other activities of these games played by children helps them perform in class due to their high memory and processing speed.

They are making Fast Analysis Decisions and Quick thinking.

 According to Daphne Bavelier, a researcher at the University of Rochester and a cognitive scientist, games that lead to many stressful events can be a training ground and a way to help one deal with real life situations. According to the study, Video games can be used to train soldiers and surgeons. Researchers say that game players make more accurate decisions.

Simultaneous Awareness

It has been reported that most video games have helped people be aware that there may be changes in the situation in life, so this game helps the player train their mind to expect anything at a given time.

Negative Effects

 Some of the video games contain violent scenes; when children get used to this game, they develop more aggressive thoughts that may not help them. It’s said that these games trigger young children to be violent as they grow up, this is according to (Anderson & Bushman, 2001)

 Lack of concentration to studies, some of the video games mostly addictive games; when a child is addicted to a particular game, he/she will always want to play that games other than concentrating on studies. They tend to prioritize games instead of studying.

 Many games are costly, so parents may spend a lot of money trying to purchase these games because children the most demand them.




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